Wednesday, September 6, 2017


It started like most Saturdays. I couldn’t sleep passed 5:30am. Go figure, on the weekdays all I want to do is sleep 5 more minutes, but on the weekends when I have nowhere to go I can’t sleep in. Oh Well, so I got up, made some coffee and did some dishes. After I did that, I surfed the web a bit, then my phone buzzed. It was a reminder that I made an appointment with the San Diego County Blood Bank to give blood at 11:15 am.

After seeing Janie off to work, I took a shower did a few other things, then off I went to give blood. It was at their facility in Sabre Springs which is just down the road. I went in filled out some paperwork and in about 15 minutes, I was ready to give blood. I was nervous, because needles tend to freak me out a bit. I entered this ward with about 8 chairs built for giving blood. These chairs looked like they could be used for lethal injections. They didn’t calm my nerves. There were a few other people in there wrapping up their sessions. One particular overweight woman who needed help to get out of her chair caught my attention, because they seemed to be a little bit concerned about her.

The people exited the ward and sat at these tables just outside the opening. I could see three roundtables where they all were sitting at having juice and cookies. There were two ladies and a little girl at one table, and the overweight woman and another woman at another table. The little girl seemed to be having a fun time, talking with what looked to be her mom and a friend, while the overweight woman seemed to be trying to get her bearings.

While they were waiting the obligatory 15 minutes after giving blood, I was getting prepped. After putting the needle in me, the nurse took a few vials of blood. She kept adjusting the needle, which really didn’t feel too pleasant. I really wanted her to get it straight and just leave it. She finally got it right, and all of a sudden there was this screech, boom, and an “Oh my!”

The overweight woman collapsed off of the chair. Her chin was on the table, and her knees were on the floor. Then she fell backward onto the ground. The staff rushed over to her to help. The little girl looked somewhat amused by this sudden happening.

The staff got some towels and placed them under her head so she could relax a bit until she had enough strength to get up. When she did have enough strength, they wheeled her back into the ward and helped her on to one of the lethal injection chairs. I overheard her talking with the staff as if this wasn’t the first time this has happened after giving blood. This really didn’t help my nerves any.

After I was done, they gave me some juice and cookies and had me sit in that little area to wait about 15 minutes. When I got there, the other women were in the process of leaving, and they were saying their goodbyes to the little girl. Apparently, her mom was the one who collapsed, and she had just met the other women today at the blood bank. Mira is this skinny little blond girl who was about 4 years old and has no fear.

As soon as those women left, she started talking to me. Her head and eyes were wandering around the waiting area discovering her surroundings as she said it frightens her when her mommy falls like that. She said her mom falls all the time and that she’s building her muscle by helping her stay up. She even flexed for me to prove it. It was a little hard to see her muscles through her well worn red sweater that looked like it may be her favorite. I just took her word for it.

She was downright hilarious, but, contrary to what I thought when her mom first collapsed, she was very concerned about her mom. Mira would every so many moments, cut off our conversation and wonder over to check on her mom to see she was alright. Then she would come back and jump into the conversation right where we left off.

She told me that she wasn’t ready to be her mommy’s mommy. Mira also told me that her mom stores a lot of goodies in her purse. She said those goodies gave her mommy another side to her as she put her hand flat and perpendicular to her waist in a shelf like position. Mira was basically saying that her mom’s hips were like shelves due to her eating habits. I couldn’t help but chuckle. This was very observant for such a young girl.

She then showed me, what used to be a cut underneath her pinkie. It was about the size of a flea. She said it doesn’t hurt anymore, but it still resembles the same color as her butt after her mommy spanks her for not going to bed when she’s supposed to. I can somewhat relate to her mom, because kids sometimes just don’t want to go to sleep. Instead of spanking them, I think it’s a better idea to let them stay up late and then feel really tired the next morning after waking up a little earlier than usual. Do this a few times, and they’ll start to go to bed earlier.

All of what I was taking in did concern me a bit, because aside from the cut and the butt spanking, she kept talking about keeping her mom from falling. She was really preoccupied with it. Sadly, I think that this little bundle of energy may have to start growing up sooner than she would like. Mira’s already in the habit of looking after her mom. Maybe I was reading too deep into this little girl’s situation. I hope I was.

After she told me all about her adventures in keeping her mommy upright, we resorted to making silly faces at each other. She loved my patented Joker Face. It made her laugh hysterically. She sure was a fun little kid. She seemed to have a knack for making everyone smile around her. The staff just loved her, and those women with whom she was talking to before me, also seemed to get a kick out her. My wife Janie would have just loved this little girl.

I ended up staying there a bit past the mandatory 15 minutes. I think it was about a half hour. She was very entertaining. After I said my goodbyes to the staff and Mira, I couldn’t help but think about that child’s future. She has an incredible and infectious spirit. She reminds me a lot of what I picture my wife was like as little girl. I hope she has better parents then my wife did.

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