Wednesday, March 29, 2017

02/19/2017 - To Aero Club

Derrick - He is a huge basketball fan from Philly.  He kept talking about Rosie O’Gradys and how great their breakfast is. I might have to check it out.  He did confuse me a little while he talked about Rosie’s.  He kept saying it was a really cool Bear bar.  Considering the area and where it is located, I kept thinking it was in reference to large hairy gay guys.  I thought he might be indicating that he was into that and that he was very comfortable in talking to strangers about his preferences.  That being said, his demeanor was that of a very straight man. I have been wrong before, but he really did not fit the bill.  But then, he is African American who had 90s metal music coming out of the stereo, so he really didn’t fit any type of bill at that particular moment.  After talking about Rosie’s even more and that Charger fans go there too, it turns out it is a Chicago Bear’s bar.  I admit it.  I profiled somebody.  We all do it in some form or another, but at least I keep my mind open when I do. That being said, I wonder if he knows what a bear in the gay community stands for.

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