Friday, March 17, 2017

03/04/2017. -To the Aero Club

Abadol -  He was an old guy.  His accent wasn’t thick at all and he seemed to really know his way around San Diego. I assume he immigrated from somewhere in the Middle East. I asked the usual questions that normally open people up, but I just got short friendly responses.  I was getting nothing.  It was a very quiet ride for about 10 minutes.  Then, out of nowhere, he started talking about an eye stigma he was suffering from and that it suddenly disappeared a couple of days ago. He has no idea why it happened and he wants to know why.  If he knew, then he could offer his advice to someone else suffering from this annoying affliction.  He recently spent $300 on glasses from Costco and now he doesn't need them.  He mentioned also that his wife wasn’t really happy that he spent $300 on these glasses.  I asked him if he was going to wear those glasses when driving her around.  He responded, “Of course!” We both laughed.  After that, silence for the remainder of the drive.

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