Sunday, March 5, 2017

Uber Advendture 02/11/2017

02/11/2017 - To the South Beach Grill.

Reggie - He grew up an Army brat.  He had a handicap parking placard, but it wasn't obvious what his affliction was.  I think he may have been a pack rat too, because the front seat was full of fast food bags. Hence,  I had to get into the back seat. The pockets behind the front seat were stuffed with papers, food wrappers and what looked to be a plastic food tray from McDonald’s.  The floor and seats looked freshly vacuumed and there was no smell.  That all being said, Reggie was very talkative and a nice guy.  He also really hated guns.  He believes that all convicted felons of gun violence should have their trigger fingers amputated. I asked him what would stop them from using their middle finger.  That threw him for a loop.  I enjoyed his conversation.  

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